A Brief History of Paralegal Profession

A paralegal is a legal figure who purports to help or co-operate a lawyer in his/her legal work. It is a certified profession in the world of jurisdictions. He/she does all kinds of stuffs to associate a lawyer serve the client but he/she cannot directly handle the case.

The recognition of a paralegal is not the same everywhere. In USA, it is not a registered or official profession. They are not the members of the Bar association. But in Canada, a paralegal is a licensed and regulated figure. He serves his lawyer to minimize his hardships.

This term has come in to being not a long ago. It has evolved in the late 60s. In USA, a governing body called the American Bar Association first introduced this title in the legal field in 1968. In 1981, AAFPE (The American Association for Paralegal Education) was established. And after that, the American Bar Association arranged the first seminar of paralegal professors. Between the years of 1980 to 1981, MPA (Metrolina Paralegal Association) was created by a small group of people. In 1975, NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants), a non-profit association was founded which included over 18000 legal assistants and paralegals.

National Federation of Paralegal Association (NFPA) was established in 1974 which represented more than 60 state and local paralegal association consisting of 15000 paralegals. It offers a voluntary degree which is known as PACE (Paralegal Advanced Competency Examination) and can be achieved through an exam.

The growth of this profession also increases with a great pace. There were only 31 paralegal programs in USA in the year of 1973 where the amount has rised up to over 250 by 1980. There were around 600 programs just after a decade. But now, there is approximately 1000 paralegal programs are available. Among them, about 250 programs are directly approved by the American Bar Association. At present, there are almost 200,000 paralegals working under lawyers.

A paralegal does not only aid to the lawyer, also prepares the materials and documents needed for the case. He also investigates or interrogates the clients or witness on behalf of the lawyer. He also does the case related study for helping his employer.

A paralegal needs to acquire a paralegal certificate to enter in to this profession. Although no special degree is needed in this case, but most firms prefer to have an education of bachelor level. It is not necessary to have it in law sector. He also needs to have the information of latest legal development.

Now-a-days, many universities are providing distinctive degrees in this regard. Kaplan University, Argosy University, Phoenix University and so many other varsities are now offering paralegal education courses even online. But a less educated person can also choose become a paralegal if he/she works enough in this area and get himself well-experienced.

How Online Education has come into being?

Online education has opened a new dimension in the era of modern education. Online education is based on virtual learning where a student needs not to be present physically rather attend the classes sitting before the computer monitor. Recently, it has got great responses though the concept of distance learning not very new.

You will be amazed to know that the thought of virtual education came in 1728. A person named Caleb Phillips first introduced the concept of distance learning. And afterwards, the idea has been improved with so many incidents. But the revolution took place after the invention of the internet in 1991.

Before introducing the web, it was 1960s when the scientists of the University of Illinois established the idea of virtual classroom utterly based on computer linked resources. The students were getting the information related to the topic when the lecture was coming to them remotely. It happened using some audio and visual system. Even in the 1980s some companies initiated to use some computer programs which used to train the employees who were not available at a specific place altogether.

But after the inception of internet service, its field has changed dramatically. The universities were seeking for new innovative methods of virtual education for attracting students. Even the companies started to use the web facilities to train and monitor employees directly and also to have a constant communication with them.

It was Calcampus which introduced first online education curriculum in 1994. This organization targeted to spread out this web based education worldwide. Within a few years, software programs like Pioneer, Mallard, WebCT was introduced to help the students get access to their desired information. But at that time, there were some obstacles browsing the net as the process was slow and also one had to face some difficulties in creating the learning atmosphere.

After the year of 2000, the advancement of this technology really caught eyes, when online education stepped a long foot. The way of communication has increased in online services which is now helping the online education institutions to teach the students in various diversified methods. With the help of webcams, the apprentices now have the access to record the lectures. They can upload these stuffs in the net and others can take those. Using webcams, students can also sit for the exam or ask any question arisen in their mind any time they want.

The subject materials or elements can be accessible as those are sent in their mail inboxes. So, from emails, a student can build his/her own personal database what remains as a permanent record and is always accessible. In 1996, Jones International University introduced itself as the first university which is totally based on authorized web learning. Top online colleges, universities provide almost all necessary courses, degrees online.

Now there are courses available for college going students, adults and also for those students studying under the K-12 school system. The NCES (National Centre for Educational Statistics) ensured that the amount of K-12 students in online education has increased 65% from the year of 2002 to 2005. In 2009, an entrusted survey ensured that over 5.5 million students are involved in at least one online course.                         

The History of Tattoo Artistry: Its Current and Future Prospect

In this modern world today, people are stepping ahead fast in terms of success; though with unprecedented problems like global warming, terrorism and world-wide political unrest. New technology , new invention, new business strategy,new fashion have shaped our life in another form, quite different from that of a century years back. Tattoo, is now one of the most common but exclusive fashion trends for the young ages.

They use this approach to express their personality, attitude and feelings. They like to take it as a symbol; a symbol to communicate with other fellows. This trend is usually seen in western country. But it is spreading out in other continents with a great pace.

Tattoo is usually made through permanent insertion of ink or pigments on the skin using some particular sharp and metal electronic instruments. It is designed according to the person wishing to have it on him. Now-a-days the tattoo practice has been made safer using these-

ü Germ-free and disposable needles

ü Disinfected work conditions and

ü Non-reactive pigments

Tattooing was historically used as a mark of criminality as well as a sign of shame. Tattoo has an an old history of about 500 years and from then it has been diversifying in many ways. But history tells us that it was established in ancient Greece where tattoos were used to spot the prisoners from wars. In the 18th as well as 19th centuries, French prisoners were marked with tattoos according to their punishment. Since then, this art has run at a fluent speed. It was introduced in almost all over the world. But especially China, Japan, Polynesia, Egypt, England, New Zealand, Africa, Indonesia, India, Thailand, North and South America cultivated the practice of tattooing pretty well. Afterwards it has also been introduced in Middle-east and related area.



Since the year of 1934, at least 10 million American have been estimated of having at least one tattoo’; where by 2004, the amount raised up to 30 million. Between the age limit of 18-25, about 37% of Americans are getting tattoos and 40% between the ages 26-40. From this statistics, we can understand what a profitable growth rate this section is offering. So becoming a tattoo artist is not a bad idea at all. People are getting more and more interested in tattooing as these can show themselves without saying anything. People are taking it as a media of communication.

Even magazines, journals, cultural reference books and newspaper from America do admit that tattooing is a well-established way of art. The market demographics regarding tattooing are now twisted toward mainstream customers. Tattooing is  now the sixth fastest-growth retail business in America. It includes customers from all classes. There are approximately 20000 tattoo parlors in America or more. And its establishment is getting more and more support eventually.

So, it is now a hot property as a business as its current and future prospect seems to be enlightened with a great possibility. For going with the pace of this demanding industry, one can easily choose this art as a profession and open up a parlor as well as introducing him/herself as a tattoo artist.

The Controversial Stance of the Illuminati

Have you ever heard of the Illuminati? Chances are if you have read Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, you have some idea of who they are, (or if you prefer who they were), although his book concludes with it being one evil person who uses the now defunct Illuminati aims to further his own means. Most of us have never heard of them, but the internet is awash with information on them. Conspiracies abound and they are said to exist under other names today. Even Michael Jackson is supposed to be a member of them who was killed as result of wanting to defect.


The Illuminati are a group of 18th century people who formed a secret society with the intention of creating one government, currency and religion – worshipping the devil. Their existence in the past is well documented, and the fact they were created with the intention of creating world wars, famine, dissension and conflict. The world today is as unstable and conflicted as it ever was, and somewhat more dangerous, with the atomic bombs that every country has or is trying to acquire.


The Illuminati, under different names are supposed to be responsible for all the woes of the world as it stands today. The top richest American families, who are also the owners of the media, (such as the Rockefeller family) are meant to be part of the plan.  They are supposed to be behind the creation of NATO, in order to achieve their aims.  They are the advisers who are gunning for another war with Iran, North Korea and any other country they hope will rise up and strike back.  They own the banks and they own the national debts, which they are intent on increasing.  They do not want the Euro to succeed and they sow dissent everywhere. They are out of the reach of any law enforcement personnel like the FBI agents, police or even the government.  Government doesn’t want them caught and stood in the custody because it is them who feed the government behind the screen.


Experts suspect that the Illuminati will cause another great depression, even worse then than that of the 1920’s, resulting in widespread poverty and unrest.  This will turn America in to a third world country, and cause world wide poverty and unrest. They engineered the latest economic crises, and they will cause World War Three. When they achieve their aims, the world will be a hell on earth for the survivors.


The controversial stance of the Illuminati is that they have an agenda – one world, one religion, one government. They will use every – and any – means to push through their agenda, to topple all the world’s governments and then take over. They did it in the past and are reputed to be responsible for the first two world wars. By owning and controlling the media, the economy and the policies of governments, creating conflict and educating the masses through films, to accept their ideologies, they will believe they will eventually succeed. While the rich families do want one world government, it is questionable whether they would also want the rest of the ideology.


The problem with wanting one world government is who is then going to act for the good of the common people? Unopposed power never bodes well, humans are fallible and power should never be in the hands of just one group of people.

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